unnamed (1)Steve at lake huron

Welcome to      Steve Kelly      Art and Music, a remembrance of and tribute to the spirit, art and music of Steve Kelly.   Steve was a gentle rebel, dedicated to friends, family and the creation of great art in the forms of songwriting and painting.  My hope in the creation of this site is not only that you enjoy your visits here,  listening to his music, viewing his paintings and checking out his “tools”, but that you come away with a greater appreciation of and insight into the heart, mind and soul of our treasured brother.

As it stands, the site contains the majority of Steve’s art work that I intend to upload.  However, there are still substantial amounts of material to come in the music section, so don’t just visit once, visit often !    I have also asked and will be asking several individuals to submit special writings about Steve.   Presently, those posted are written versions of  presentations at Steve’s memorial.   Eventually, I’ll be posting writings from others who were very close to Steve, but did not make presentations at his memorial service.

In addition to simply loading Steve’s work for viewing and listening, I have added written commentary on most pieces, as well as general comments throughout the site, providing some historical, creative and other context that I hope will add to your understanding, appreciation and enjoyment of Steve and his work.

Steve at his 50th


(this site has been put together by Steve’s brother, Dan)

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